How Publishers Win Online Video Monetization in 11 Simple Steps

March 05, 2024 - by
The Publisher's Blueprint

Contrary to popular myths, no digital publisher is too small or under-resourced to capitalize on video monetization. A robust ecosystem of affordable, license-free technology and content syndication partners are ready to help you unlock new revenue sources, even if you’ve never created a single video. 

But navigating the complex landscape of video content can be daunting, even for digital publishing veterans. Our team at EX.CO is excited to share a new resource for media leaders, “The Publisher’s Blueprint for Achieving Successful Video Monetization at Scale.” This comprehensive guide equips publishers of all sizes with the knowledge and tools needed to grow faster with video in 2024 and beyond.

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Whether you’re launching a program for the first time or looking to level up an existing one, this blueprint is your guide to maximizing every revenue lever at your disposal, from player types and syndication libraries to advanced supply and demand strategies.

Why You Need This Blueprint

With the continued ascent of YouTube and TikTok, online video has become unignorable for publishers. Consumers watch nearly three hours every day, advertisers allocate $2 to video for every $1 in digital, and for many publishers, online video has become the second largest revenue source. The format also has a powerful amplifier effect – unlocking not only new ad budgets, but higher audience engagement across metrics like dwell time, pages per visit, and recirculation of content. 

What Resources Await Inside

A one-stop resource for your team, “The Publisher’s Blueprint for Achieving Successful Video Monetization at Scale” addresses the most important questions you’ll face in any video journey. It maps out both the materials (e.g. player types, demand sources) and techniques (e.g. contextual targeting) you’ll need to build a durable, profitable program.

  1. Identify the best video player and library
    Discover key features to evaluate, including mobile player formats, page load speed, viewability rates, and the advantages of an online video platform.
  2. Optimize demand sources
    Learn how to connect with more demand sources, while simplifying your end-to-end supply path. Customize your auction metrics to increase ad yields. 
  3. Drive personalization without third-party cookies
    With Chrome finally phasing out cookie tracking, explore the new ways publishers are future-proofing their targeting through first-party, contextual, and alternative ID solutions.
  4. Checklist for video monetization readiness
    Use our 11-step checklist to make sure your video program is tuned for mobile, data privacy, regional differences, and other key revenue variables.

Futureproof Your Business with Video

The technology now exists for every publisher to tap into the video goldmine. Consumers can’t get enough, advertisers are rapidly increasing spend, and the format lifts all kinds of key audience performance metrics. So what’s holding you back? 

Click below to check out our new blueprint and unlock the full potential of video monetization.

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