Predictions: Web Design Trends We’ll Be Seeing in 2022

January 12, 2022 - by
Web Trends 2022

In today's digital age, it's more important than ever before to stay up with the latest trends. Last year, we saw many brands and businesses discovering ways to connect better with their audiences through interactive content, more digestible editorial formats, and the creation of online communities. We expect these trends to continue throughout 2022 along with a few others you can check out below. 

1. Utilize Visuals

We’re becoming a more visual society as a whole and the digital space is leading the way. With human attention spans decreasing from 12 seconds to 8, drawing your audience in quickly is necessary. Replacing longform copy and busy web pages with simple, intriguing design and visuals will spark your audience’s interest and keep them on the page for longer. 

Creating a simple and enjoyable user experience on your website starts with how it looks and feels. Try leveraging overlay units instead of in-read or pop outs, add in more visuals instead of text to your web pages, and create exciting animations in place of stagnant images.


2. Hyper Personalization

With the digital publishing industry growing by over 9% YoY and 7.9 million retailers operating digitally in 2021, making your domain stand apart is more important than ever before. What’s one way to keep a customer coming back to your website? Make the user experience hyper personalized. 

As Google plans to get rid of third-party cookies, many businesses have started to make the switch over to first-party data collection. With this data, you can learn your customer’s likes, dislikes, demographics, and more without sacrificing privacy and transparency. Collecting data this way is more sustainable, ethical, and accurate. By using this information to improve their experience on your website, you’ll increase engagement, conversions, and subscriptions.



 3. Little to No-Code Design

In the past, it has taken an army to create a high quality website. Over the past couple of years, platforms that make it easy for anyone to create content have taken away the need to use a developer to implement meaningful digital experiences onto websites.

With these new tech platforms, anyone can easily create and embed content into their website without breaking the bank. Streamline workflows and create a sense of independence for your team by adopting these little-to-no-code design strategies in 2022.


2021 was a big year in the digital world, and we expect 2022 to bring even more opportunities for growth. Keep an eye out for these trends and more as the year progresses! 

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