Predictions: What is the Future of Programmatic Advertising?

December 22, 2022 - by
future of programmatic advertising

Over the years, we've seen the advertising industry evolve. And with factors like new technologies, partnerships, recommended guidelines, and privacy compliance issues, it often feels like our industry is changing every day.

We polled a few thought leaders from across the ecosystem to find out how they see programmatic advertising shaping up in 2023 by asking them each one question:


Joanna Burton, chief strategy officer at ID5, the market-leading identity provider for digital advertising, which EX.CO recently struck a partnership with says:

"The future of programmatic is bright. Earlier this year, eMarketer predicted that, in the US, 2022 would see over 90% of all digital display ad dollars transact programmatically. And we can only expect this number to increase as we head into 2023 with more marketing dollars shifting from traditional channels such as linear TV to connected TV.

This consistent growth is due to an inherent shift towards a digital world, where advertising can be targeted, optimized and measured. However, the market is going through a fundamental transformation driven by technical, regulatory and behavioral changes. This transformation is a big challenge for the industry, as well as a huge opportunity to transform the very foundation of
data-driven advertising: user identification."

She continues:


We interrupt this blog post with a quick quiz to test your industry knowledge:



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