Advantages of Interactive Experiences for Customer Education

June 27, 2022 - by
Interactive Experiences for Customer Education

“What goes into making this personal care product?”

It’s a simple enough question, but for beauty brands, it’s becoming one they need to be able to answer quickly, and with authority. If not, today’s beauty shoppers are likely to go elsewhere.

They’re busy, you see; and educated. With so much information available at their well-manicured fingertips, beauty shoppers know exactly what they want, and they’ll spend their money where they can find it. From makeup to fragrances - a product’s ingredients, sustainability, and even ethical sourcing are big selling points.



So, why is this important? It’s just one example of a scenario where customer education now needs to be at the forefront of any brand’s online activity. That’s because, thanks largely to a global pandemic, there’s been a huge shift to spending from home, and fundamentally, the way we shop has changed for good.

For millennials and Gen-Z buyers in particular, brick and mortar stores are becoming less relevant. So, without that helpful in-store associate to answer these kinds of questions, where do online shoppers find the answers they need to make an informed purchase decision?

Sure, there’s a company policy page, a product ingredient page; maybe even FAQs. But why make visitors search for it? It’s not a great user experience. What if you could combine all of the information shoppers need into one engaging content experience with impact?



Having all of the information available in one place just makes sense. If you can provide it in a fun and interactive way, even better. The benefits are simple; you’ll keep users on the page for longer, you’re building brand awareness in the process, and ultimately, you’re more likely to convert a purchase.

It’s not all about what’s in the packaging though. Shoppers are just as interested in finding the right product for their needs as well. Is it good for their skin type, for example. Is it the right shade? Will it complement a different item they use? How will it make them feel?

By serving a great piece of interactive content, you can answer these questions up front. Shoppers that find the information they’re looking for quickly will be more inclined to purchase, and if they have fun while they’re doing it, they’ll be back for more.



Personalization is the key. Customizable designs and experiences that you can tailor to individual shoppers. Products are becoming more and more personalized after all, so why should your user’s website visit be any different?

With a tailor-made piece of content, you’re providing expert advice with immediate suggestions or solutions. Think of it like a virtual assistant, or a concierge service. It’s engaging content that improves the user experience, and helps to sell more products. It also doesn’t clock-off at the end of the day, so it’s always available.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 77% of marketers now agree that interactive content results in repeat visitors and multiple exposures. So, personalized content like this is just one of many ways you can enhance the customer’s journey, and make them return customers.



As for beauty in general, it’s a $511 billion dollar industry. Standing out from the crowd here has never been more important. If your product is unique, shout about it. If your sourcing methods are breaking new ethical grounds, explain why. If different demographics will benefit from specific solutions, think about a fun way of helping them discover that.

Ultimately, make the experience educational, and interactive. It’s so much easier than choosing the right color lipstick! Although, we can help with that too…



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