Exciting Feature Updates to EX.CO’s Online Video Platform (OVP)

July 08, 2024 - by
EX․CO Platform Summer Updates

Summer has finally arrived, and besides the wonderful weather and sun to warm us up, we're also excited to announce a bunch of new exciting product updates and enhancements to EX.CO’s online video platform (OVP). Our team has been working hard to deliver a set of improvements to our playlist, player, reporting, and media management features, aimed at providing users greater flexibility and control, as well as deeper insights.

Dynamic playlist improvements

As publishers, you understand the power of playlists in your video strategy. That's why we've expanded your playlist creation options. Now, you can effortlessly curate playlists using videos from your media library and EX.CO’s premium content marketplace. We've also simplified video selection, allowing users to pick videos based on tags, categories, titles, or mix and match these criteria as they please.

image (5)

Curate playlist from media library or EX.CO's marketplace

Additionally, we've significantly enhanced the dynamic playlist preview UI with an exciting new feature: you can now live-preview your playlist using a creation popup window. This allows you to seamlessly view your video assets in real-time as you curate your playlists, making the playlist creation process more interactive and seamless.

Player editor enhancements

We’ve put a lot of effort into enhancing our Vertical Video Editor with new features that will provide a better editorial experience. These new features will provide you with full control over your editors UI, size, and sticky unit appearance. 

We’ve also updated our player editor and split it into editors for horizontal, vertical, and content circulation players, allowing you to better customize with more tools each video experience. 

Horizontal player editor
Horizontal player editor
Vertical player editor
Vertical player editor


Better reporting capabilities

We're also excited to introduce scheduled reporting, a feature that has been specifically requested by our existing clients. Our report builder now supports scheduling functionalities that enable users to pre-schedule the generation of reports. Publishers will be happy to know that they can set up custom reports to be sent directly to their inbox or to other recipients as a one-off or on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It's like having your data arrive precisely when you need it; no waiting required! 

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Schedule reports

Moving forward, we're making it easier to navigate to your most leveraged reports efficiently by introducing a favorite button. This enhancement will make your frequently viewed reports more accessible and easier to find. Additionally, we've improved chart functionality by removing the previous limit of selecting only 5 rows. Now, selecting more than 5 rows results in aggregated group displays within the chart.

Media management updates

We have made some great improvements to scheduled video availability that will enhance the user experience and both streamline and eliminate many manual processes and tasks. As we like to say, the devil is in the details.

You can now schedule video availability on the platform and even impose content embargoes on specific video items. It’s worth noting that when an embargo is in place, the video won't be playable on any EX.CO player until its scheduled availability time, regardless of how it was added or identified. However, you can set this up for one or multiple videos during the upload process or via the media library. This functionality operates based on the browser's timezone, eliminating the need for manual timezone selection.

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Scheduling video availability

Introducing EX.CO pre-packaged playlists

Lastly, we’re excited to announce the addition of new EX.CO playlists tailored for local, global, and various content categories. You might be asking yourself, “What are EX.CO playlists”? EX.CO playlists are pre-packaged, dynamically updated playlists of video content sourced from the EX.CO marketplace. These playlists are refreshed multiple times a day, ensuring you always have access to the latest and most relevant video content.

These curated playlists allow you to effortlessly incorporate high-quality, diverse content into your video strategy without the need for manual updates. 

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