EX.CO Empowers Local Media With Video, Thanks to Partnership with the Local Media Consortium (LMC)

January 31, 2024 - by

Despite reports raising questions about the future of local news, local digital news is rapidly evolving. In fact, nearly 300 new digital local news organizations have started since 2016. And as the leading publisher video technology platform, supporting local journalism is an extremely important mission for us here at EX․CO. That's why we’ve recently announced a game-changing alliance with the Local Media Consortium (LMC)

The LMC is an organization focused on providing strategic partnerships for more than 5,000 local media outlets across the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico to deliver economic value. As the LMC’s preferred video technology partner, EX.CO will provide LMC members with access to our award-winning online video platform (OVP) which includes everything they need to execute a successful video content and monetization strategy. I’m excited to share that LMC members Bonneville International, WRAL (part of Capitol Broadcasting Company), and others are already seeing success with EX.CO.

Addressing Local Publisher Challenges Head-On

Many local media outlets–whether they be broadcasters or digital newspapers–often grapple with resource constraints when it comes to video and unfortunately, do not have access to advanced monetization solutions, both of which have become crucial elements of any growing online business in today’s ever-evolving digital age. 

EX.CO’s OVP is fully equipped to solve these challenges with features including a lightning-fast video player, AI-driven yield engine, built-in ad server, a premium marketplace of top-tier video content, machine-learning based contextual recommendations, and more. EX.CO also recently launched a new vertical video player that drives 17% more engagement than traditional horizontal video players, on average. 

One of the reasons the LMC chose EX.CO as a preferred video technology partner is due to our extensive experience in monetizing news. Our work with specific sites including Hearst Newspapers, Sky News, and other major news outlets means we can offer unique knowledge to LMC members that others online video platforms cannot.

Our team of video monetization experts has already begun to provide LMC’s members with a host of tailor-made solutions to help them boost audience engagement and drive meaningful revenue growth.

Seamless Integration for LMC Members

Because of its scale, the LMC is able to negotiate strategic partnerships with advanced technology companies that individual members would not be able to get on their own. Our close partnership with the LMC has streamlined the entire integration process. As LMC members, local media organizations can easily tap into EX.CO’s OVP without having to vet our platform or do any legal work, saving them both time and money so they can quickly start growing audiences and earning revenue. 

Empowering Local Newsrooms

Our partnership with the LMC symbolizes our ongoing commitment to supporting local media. It’s specifically designed to give local publishers the power to take back control of their websites and grow their business. By leveraging our online video platform, local media outlets can amplify their existing video offerings or–in many cases, venture into video for the first time. Our primary goal is to help local media overcome the challenges they may face around video and monetization, and allow LMC members to focus on what they do best: important journalism and fostering stronger connections with their communities.

EX.CO's collaboration with the Local Media Consortium signifies a significant leap forward in empowering local publishers with cutting-edge video technology. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, this partnership ensures that local media organizations can thrive, and continue to deliver trusted, relevant, and timely information to millions of North Americans. 

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