The Science Behind a Sustainable Video Strategy: Your Winning Formula to Revenue

June 17, 2022 - by
Admonsters Ops + EX.CO

Gone are the days of glitchy video ads and pop-ups that slow down websites. We are now in a new era of video advertising in which publishers can finally return to the driver’s seat and take back control of their video strategies. Following EX.CO’s recent Admonsters panel with NASDAQ, Trusted Media Brands, and Brainly, we are sharing key takeaways that publishers can use to increase audience engagement and drive more revenue.

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1. Maximize Ad Viewability

As new technologies in advertising emerge, ad viewability requirements from advertisers have become much stricter. While viewability used to be a consideration for publishers, today it has a new, more valuable meaning, and is one of the most important metrics to track when looking to increase revenue and improve engagement.

While the requirement is that 50% of your ad must be in-view for 2 seconds, it’s largely recommended to have 70% viewability or higher on your video ads. Anything below this puts you at risk of being cut off from advertisers and demand platforms. To ensure you hit this ambitious target, you can do a number of things from implementing sticky units to finding more optimal placements onsite for your video player or ad unit. Get more ideas on how to increase ad viewability by downloading our new ebook.

NASDAQ and Brainly shared their struggles with finding viewability solutions without sacrificing UX. They both needed to find placements that showcased the ads without disrupting site content - opting for right-rail video players that exist alongside page content.


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2. Use Creative Solutions to Increase Video Inventory

In our fast-paced digital world, video is a focal point for many businesses looking to keep the attention of their users for longer. In order to do so, publishers need a robust library of video content to serve their audiences. If video isn’t typically your thing, you can try:

  1. Using house ads to drive users to video pages

  2. Recirculating video to drive new traffic to new and old content

  3. Adding an RSS feed to your video ads to share editorial content in a video format

There are a lot of options that make increasing your video inventory less of a hassle. Brainly, NASDAQ, and TMB are working with trusted technology providers to help you implement these initiatives.

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3. Build Relationships Internally to Align Stakeholders

When it comes to making UX and revenue decisions, making everyone on your team happy can be tricky. While your editorial-centric teams are focused on providing a positive experience for readers, the more financial side of the business is likely concerned with how much revenue advertisements and content are bringing in.

It’s crucial to align stakeholders within your team when trying to build a sustainable video strategy. Both revenue and UX are important for site performance, and by choosing the right video provider partner, you’ll be able to marry the two components in a way that makes everyone satisfied. Look for a partner that has content in the forefront of their business, ensuring that UX and content are both taken into consideration when building revenue.

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