Why 100% Video Coverage is a Game Changer for Publishers

August 03, 2023 - by
100% video coverage

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, video content has become an unmatched force. Users are consuming it more than any other media, and advertisers are spending increasing budgets on video ads, year over year. But despite its evident value, namely the enhanced user engagement, ad revenue, and article recirculation, current video coverage for most publishers remains surprisingly low. With the average amount of video coverage still trailing behind, it's time for publishers to explore the untapped potential of video everywhere.

What is Video Coverage? 

In the context of online publishing, video coverage refers to the percentage of a domain’s pages or articles that include video content. Many of the leading publishers in the US have already recognized the importance of having high video coverage and include videos on almost every single page. Still, most publishers are lagging behind, either because they lack the insight on how important it is, or because they don’t have the resources to produce a large amount of video and are not aware of the technology that can enable them to easily achieve 100% coverage. 

Dual Benefits of High Video Coverage 

The rise of video consumption has revolutionized user behavior. Compared to static content, videos offer an immersive experience that keeps users hooked for longer durations. This leads to increased time spent on site, effectively capturing users' attention and interest. In addition, video can be used for recirculation to highlight other articles that may be of interest to the user. A simple click through will keep users on the site for longer.  

Video content also holds the key to unlocking immensely higher ad revenue for publishers. By increasing video coverage, publishers can benefit from innumerable additional ad impressions, translating into vastly increased revenue. With the recent changes put forth by the IAB Tech Lab (the regulating body for the advertising industry), ads running within video content have become even more valuable to advertisers. Publishers now have the opportunity to capitalize on this and maximize their earning potential by increasing video coverage. 

The potential for revenue growth for sites with up to 100% video coverage is immense. By expanding video coverage, publishers simultaneously prioritize user experience and maximize ad revenue, with potentially exponential financial growth. In fact, with the right technology, video can become the number one single line item impacting their bottom line. 



Overcoming Challenges and Implementation

To fully embrace the potential of increased revenue, publishers need to first realize that placing engaging, relevant video content in every article is not the insanely heavy lift that they imagine. By utilizing EX.CO's publisher video platform, the process is significantly simplified and enables publishers to seamlessly transition to an elevated video content strategy.

EX.CO's publisher video platform empowers publishers to easily achieve vast and diversified video coverage. The platform offers automated dynamic playlists, a YouTube integration, easy upload options, and automated MRSS feeds, which are then placed within the most relevant articles via EX.CO’s AI contextual article matching engine. Thus, publishers can leverage their existing video content to build captivating feeds. In addition, EX.CO’s video content marketplace complements any publisher-created content with over 100,000 videos in all verticals, and over 2,000 new videos added every day.

By pairing contextual content matching, publisher videos, and a rich content marketplace, publishers can achieve low-touch video coverage in minutes, creating seamless content alignment between videos and articles. 

The untapped potential of video coverage is too valuable to ignore. Embracing this transformative trend with EX.CO empowers publishers to offer engaging experiences, increase ad revenue, and foster better website recirculation. By prioritizing user-centric strategies and adopting video as a core element of their content strategy, publishers can unlock boundless opportunities for growth. 

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