Monetize Your YouTube Videos with EX.CO

September 27, 2022 - by

It’s a well known fact that publishers, both small and large, are actively creating video content for YouTube. And why not? According to Statista, YouTube has over 2.6B monthly users worldwide. 

The question many publishers are asking is: “what more can we do to monetize our videos”?

Here at EX.CO, we are always looking for new ways to return the steering wheel to publishers. That’s why we recently launched an exciting feature that allows you to upload your YouTube video content directly into the EX.CO platform. This can be done manually or in an automated fashion and is guaranteed to increase your monetization capabilities on your site while allowing YouTube to drive views separately on YouTube. 

How it works

To add your YouTube content to EX.CO, you must have an account with us and also have the credentials to manage a YouTube channel. This is to ensure that your own content will be imported.


Once you are logged into the EX.CO platform and have connected your YouTube account, you will be able to manually select up to 30 videos at a time to import. You can also set up an auto-import feature by enabling the switch labeled “import videos from this channel automatically.” By automatically importing future videos your channel publishes to YouTube, you will also have access to a dynamic MRSS feed added to the library.

It’s important to note that after you connect your YouTube channel to EX.CO, your videos will be displayed on your site within the EX.CO player, which will allow you to manage all the monetization that runs there. Video views on your site have no impact on your YouTube views where they will remain hosted separately.

Publishers are invited to take advantage of this new feature to make more use of the premium video content they are so tirelessly working to create, all while enjoying the flexibility and control offered within the EX.CO platform.  

Need a walkthrough about how to import your YouTube inventory?