3 Reasons Why You Should Add Personalized Content to Your Website

June 22, 2022 - by
3 Reasons to Add Personalization

As a consumer, what catches your attention and keeps you scrolling on a website for longer? Is it personalized content and product recommendations that hit exactly what you’re looking for? Or maybe a personalized experience on-site that mimics the in-person sales interaction you’d have at a brick-and-mortar store? 

As a business, it’s crucial to look first through a consumer lens to better understand what makes consumers tick and what prolongs their time exploring your website. To fulfill consumers’ demand for consumption, there are endless websites out there that compete with one another, 12-24 million to be exact



Personalization and learning how to personalize content is key when it comes to making your site stand out from the crowd. Personalized content is more engaging and changes the UX so drastically that 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that has a personalized website experience. There are endless possibilities and benefits when it comes to content personalization that can drive your business forward.



1. Optimize SEO

SEO optimization is on every marketer’s mind, with reaching the #1 spot of Google’s search results as the ultimate goal. There are a number of strategies and methods to get there, content personalization being one of them.

Amongst adding keywords and major topics into articles and webpages as much as possible, personalized content can improve your SEO score by lowering bounce rates while increasing engagement rates. People tend to spend more time on sites that are giving them an experience tailored to their interests and demographics rather than a site that feels less relevant. Because 86% of consumers prefer websites with personalized content, Google puts these sites at the forefront of search results. 

2. Improve UX

Have you ever clicked onto a website that’s overcrowded, bombarded with ads or hard to navigate? Websites with poor UX will make you wish you just went shopping in-person instead, getting an experience that’s tailored to you.

Because of this, people don’t just prefer personalized content, they won’t put up with anything less! Thirty three percent of shoppers said that they would leave a site and never come back due to the lack of content personalization , and 71% say that they expect companies to deliver personalized interactions. The improvements to UX by adding more personalized content are immense and can truly make or break a shopper’s journey on your website, impacting brand loyalty and return visits.

But, with 2.41 billion digital buyers in the world, it can be hard to imagine creating a personalized experience for each shopper. It may come across as overwhelming, but it’s easy to add personalized elements onto your site. Personalization can exist in multiple ways, including product matching, contextual targeting, content or product suggestions, and more. By creating snippets of content to embed on your site that lead users to a more personalized experience, you will create a better UX overall.



3. Drive Sales

Personalized content is your ticket to increased conversions, with fast-growing companies driving 40% more of their revenue from personalization than slow-growing businesses. Companies that are prioritizing content personalization drive shoppers to products and offerings that are suited for them, speeding up the shopping process and leading to more secure purchases.

Studies show that shoppers not only want, but expect companies to match them to products that are relevant to their wants and needs, offer targeted promotions, celebrate milestones and provide messaging that’s tailored to them. When a shopping experience is personalized, not only are consumers more likely to make a purchase, but they are 78% more likely to make repeated purchases on your site.

Create product matching quizzes, collect zero-party data, and then use that data to send targeted messages and emails to make each shopper feel special when they return to your site. Adding in personalized content will directly lead to sales, brand loyalty, subscribers, and more, boosting your online business.

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