Recap: Leaders at The Daily Beast and Advance Local Talk News Monetization at AdMonsters Ops 2024
June 12, 2024

Executives from The Daily Beast and Advance Local discuss news monetization during a politically charged year at AdMonsters Ops 2024 in New York City. At the start of this year, the outlook for publishers was fairly bleak. GenAI was biting into valuable search business; Google was finally beginning its deprecation of third-party cookies; and the big social platforms were continuing their turn away from news. As it happened, an unlikely savior has...

How The Arena Group Boosted Engagement and Revenue with EX.CO's Video Platform
June 06, 2024

Learn how publisher powerhouse The Arena Group boosted revenue and audience engagement with EX.CO's online video platform. The Arena Group is an online content powerhouse, home to some of the most recognizable names in digital publishing, including Men's Journal, TheStreet, Parade, and many more. Their team of award-winning journalists, storytellers, and content creators have never struggled to attract readers to their...

How Contextual Targeting Can Future-Proof Your Brand
May 20, 2024

Discover the ins and outs of contextual targeting, how it benefits both advertisers and publishers, and gain valuable insights about best practices. In digital advertising, contextual targeting is a method of strategically placing ads alongside content on a web page that is closely related to the product or service featured in the ad. For example, a company selling swimwear might place an ad alongside or within an article comparing beach...

Decoding Ad Tech Acronyms: A Guide to Must-Know Digital Advertising Jargon
May 08, 2024

Ad tech jargon: digital advertising acronyms explained; glossary of ad tech terms: CPM, CTR, CTV, DMP, DSP, PII, PMP, ROAS, ROI, RPM, RTB, SSP. It’s no secret that the world of ad tech uses an entirely different language, with terms like DSP, SSP, DMP, and many more mind-boggling acronyms. Technically speaking, these terms are actually initialisms – terms identified strictly by their first letter like DNA or DIY –while acronyms are...

Programmatic Advertising Made Simple: A 5-Minute Overview
April 02, 2024

Learn the basic components of programmatic advertising in this quick overview. On the internet, programmatic ads are everywhere. Odds are, you've already seen a few hundred today, given that—of the 1,622 ads that internet users encounter daily—98% are digital, and 90% of those are programmatic. And more specifically, programmatic video ad spend is expected to reach $96.98...

Women in Media: Expert Advice for Success from Industry Trailblazers
March 07, 2024

In honor of Women's History Month and International Women's Day, we've collected impactful advice from a diverse group of women who have made their mark in the industry. In celebration of Women's History Month and International Women’s Day, we're excited to amplify the voices of women shaping the digital media industry. In this special blog post, we've gathered insights and impactful advice from a diverse group of women who have made their mark in the industry....

How Publishers Win Online Video Monetization in 11 Simple Steps
March 05, 2024

Learn about “The Publisher’s Blueprint for Achieving Successful Video Monetization at Scale" and why it's a must-read for publishers of all sizes. Contrary to popular myths, no digital publisher is too small or under-resourced to capitalize on video monetization. A robust ecosystem of affordable, license-free technology and content syndication partners are ready to help you unlock new revenue sources, even if you’ve never created a single...

Introducing EX.CO’s New Video Player
February 26, 2024

Learn about EX.CO's newest video player: its lightning-fast speed, improved Core Web Vitals, intuitive UX, and compliance with the IAB's new guidelines. It is no secret that in today's world, where every second counts, slow-loading videos can be a huge turn-off for online viewers. That’s why we're excited to introduce our latest innovative video player. It’s time to say goodbye to buffering frustrations and welcome a smoother, more enjoyable...

Navigating the future of video advertising without Google’s third-party cookies
February 12, 2024

Learn how video publishers can thrive without third-party cookies and the new, privacy-friendly paths to addressability for advertisers. Are we finally at the beginning of the end? The drawn-out death of third-party cookies has been looming over publishers since 2020 when Google first announced its plan to phase out support for them on Chrome. Now, Google has at last taken the first bite, eliminating cookies from 1% of Chrome...

The Big Game: 9 Most Popular Ads and How They've Evolved
February 05, 2024

There are so many iconic ads that play during the Big Game's commercial break, but here are 9 of our popular picks and how they've changed over the years. Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally published in February 2023 but has been updated. Every February in the US, the widely anticipated American Football game of the year finishes the football season with a bang. And more importantly, it's one of the few events where people actually look...

EX.CO Empowers Local Media With Video, Thanks to Partnership with the Local Media Consortium (LMC)
January 31, 2024

Learn more about EX.CO's mission to support local journalism and its game-changing alliance with the Local Media Consortium (LMC).  Despite reports raising questions about the future of local news, local digital news is rapidly evolving. In fact, nearly 300 new digital local news organizations have started since 2016. And as the leading publisher video technology platform, supporting local journalism is an extremely important...

Beyond Clicks: Reducing Carbon Emissions for a More Sustainable Advertising Ecosystem
January 24, 2024

Learn about the impact of digital ads on the environment, the challenges in offsetting carbon footprints, and actionable steps to reduce carbon emissions. In recent years, the digital advertising industry has taken significant strides towards sustainability, acknowledging the pressing need to address its environmental impact. At first glance, the issue may sound confusing and you may wonder, what on Earth does saving the planet have to do with...

Let’s Go Vertical: Introducing EX.CO’s New Vertical Video Player for the Web
January 09, 2024

EX.CO’s new vertical video player for the web is positioned to redefine the way audiences consume and engage with video content on publishers’ owned and operated sites. It’s not often that we get to share product news that we know will transform the way video is consumed online. That’s why we’re so excited about this blog post. In a world dominated by social media, we understand the importance of staying ahead in the engagement game. As such, we’re thrilled to...

9 Digital Publishing Trends to Look Out for in 2024
December 14, 2023

Find out what we predict will be the most significant trends set to shape digital publishing for the coming year and beyond. Some fields are resistant to change; digital publishing is defined by it. With each passing year, it seems, the latest batch of common wisdom is chucked out the window and the rulebook written anew. This tendency felt somewhat less pronounced in 2023, which was in certain respects a transition...

The Top 10 Online Video Platforms of 2023
December 06, 2023

Learn which online video platforms (OVPs) will work best for your specific needs and goals. Opportunities abound in online video today. But with dozens of platforms on the market, it can be daunting to navigate this space. Whether you’re a publisher, broadcaster, educator, or independent creator, this blog post rounds up the top partners you should consider for each use case, so you can...

Recap: Leaders at The Daily Mail and News Corp Talk Monetization at AdMonsters PubForum New Orleans
November 30, 2023

Learn what revenue leaders from, News Corp, and EX․CO had to say about news monetization during the 2023 AdMonsters Publisher Forum. Publishers of every size, from the smallest local newspaper to the most robust media conglomerate, have spent recent years tinkering with paywalls, adjusting programmatic approaches, and even diversifying revenue streams with events and e-commerce. And yet—despite surging reader interest in the...

Elevate Your Video Strategy with a Platform Designed for Publishers
October 31, 2023

Learn to consolidate your video strategy into a single platform that can supercharge your site’s performance for both user engagement and revenue. Video has become an indispensable tool for digital publishers seeking to captivate their audience and maximize revenue streams. With the exponential growth of online video consumption, it's crucial for publishers to stay ahead of the curve and deliver an exceptional video experience. However, many...

6 Lingering Questions We Have After AdExchanger's Programmatic I/O
October 16, 2023

We recap AdExchanger's Programmatic I/O event and explore some of the pressing questions that the industry is still grappling with. With over 1,200 people in attendance, AdExchanger’s Programmatic I/O is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated events in the advertising industry, providing a platform for experts to discuss the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in programmatic advertising. However, even after the event...

A New Guide for Publishers: Choosing The Right Online Video Platform (OVP)
October 04, 2023

Our comprehensive online video platform (OVP) guide is designed to demystify the selection process and empower you with the knowledge and insights you need to make an informed decision. At EX.CO, we know that understanding all of the ins and outs of online video can sometimes be confusing. As video content becomes increasingly important to keep audiences engaged, finding the right online video platform (OVP) for your business is critical to your success. That’s why we’re excited...

What is an Online Video Platform (OVP)?
September 14, 2023

An online video platform, or OVP, is a hub that hosts your video content on the internet. Learn more about what an OVP does. An online video platform, or OVP, is exactly how it sounds—a hub that hosts your video content on the internet. But the purpose and capabilities of OVPs vary, and certain platforms may be a better fit for your web content than others. For many people browsing the internet, video content is...

Why 100% Video Coverage is a Game Changer for Publishers
August 03, 2023

Learn what 100% video coverage means and why it's so important for digital publishers to achieve. In the ever-evolving digital landscape, video content has become an unmatched force. Users are consuming it more than any other media, and advertisers are spending increasing budgets on video ads, year over year. But despite its evident value, namely the enhanced user engagement, ad revenue, and...

What the New IAB Tech Lab Guidelines Mean for Publishers
July 13, 2023

Here's everything you need to know about the new IAB Tech Lab guidelines—and what publishers should expect. Last year, the IAB Tech Lab announced proposed changes to its Ad Formats Guidelines for Digital Video and CTV. The guidelines were officially published in September of 2022 which kicked off a workstream for OpenRTB (the communication protocol that enables real-time bidding) to support the new...

Recap: The Arena Group Talks Video Strategy with EX.CO at AdMonsters Ops
July 05, 2023

The Arena Group's COO Andrew Q. Kraft speaks on stage at the AdMonsters Ops Conference about how they approach video. Both the publishing and digital ad industries are in a period of massive flux, with paradigm-shifting changes occurring on what feels like a monthly basis. From the depreciation of third-party cookies to the IAB's new guidelines surrounding in-stream and out-stream video, ongoing debates about...

The Rise of Video Advertising: How Digital Publishers are Driving the Industry Forward
May 09, 2023

Learn how digital publishers are shaping the video advertising landscape and the key factors contributing to their success. Digital advertising has undergone an incredible transformation in recent years, and the rise of video advertising has played a significant role in this shift. According to a report by Statista, US digital video ad spending is expected to reach $78 billion in 2023, up from $55.34 billion just two...

Dwell Time: Why Is It so Important?
April 11, 2023

Why is dwell time so important when it comes to video? "Dwell time" is one of those digital marketing terms that seems self-explanatory, but actually has a very precise meaning. And fully grasping that precise meaning is important, because "dwell time" is one of the most crucial metrics there is when it comes to visibility in search rankings. So: let's...

Monetize Your YouTube Videos with EX.CO
March 27, 2023

Increase your monetization opportunities. Learn about EX.CO's new feature that allows publishers to upload YouTube video content directly into the EX.CO platform. Updated: March 28, 2023 It’s a well-known fact that publishers, both small and large, are actively creating video content for YouTube. And why not? According to Statista, YouTube has over 2.6B monthly users worldwide.

Recommender Systems: The New Frontier
March 23, 2023

Learn about the inner-workings of content recommendation systems. Welcome to the second part of our Recommender Systems series. In our previous post, we outlined the history and basic components of recommendation systems, but here, we'll explore the technology of recommender systems and how they can specifically benefit publishers.

Google's Core Web Vitals Explained
March 15, 2023

What do you think of Google's Core Web Vitals? Let's talk about everything you need to know as a publisher. Google's updated page performance standards called Core Web Vitals launched in the summer of 2021. Here's what publishers and businesses need to know about taking action to protect your page and search rankings. Google's standards are designed to measure how readers experience a webpage....

Women's History Month: Obstacles in Digital
March 14, 2023

Professional women always have challenges to overcome, especially in digital. It's no secret that women have faced numerous challenges throughout history. Each March, inspiring women are rightfully showcased during the month, whether they're known for historical movements or new innovations. There are so many amazing and talented women in the world, but let's focus on the...

Recommender Systems: The art of matching content to people
March 08, 2023

Learn everything there is to know about content recommendations and recommender systems. Back in 1971, Herbert Simon coined the term “Attention Economy.” His simple but brilliant insight was that an explosion of information will inevitably lead to a scarcity of what it consumes: our attention. Simon believed that this concept would eventually dominate our economy. The internet has...

5 Things That Don't Make Sense About Ad Tech
February 21, 2023

Sometimes, ad tech can be pretty confusing. Here are 5 things that don't make sense about ad tech. We all know that ad tech is an ever-changing market, and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends. And with ad tech growth projected to increase from $438 billion in 2021 to $1 trillion in 2030, it won’t be slowing down anytime soon. As digital publishers and advertisers, understanding...

Advertising Beyond the Walled Gardens: A Guide to Success
February 14, 2023

Walled gardens aren't the only option. Advertising beyond the walled gardens can be your key to success. If you've spent any amount of time in the digital media trenches, you're likely familiar with the concept of "walled gardens."

How RSS Feeds Can Boost Your Video Monetization
January 31, 2023

What is an RSS feed? Understand how RSS feeds work and how tapping into them can help you boost monetization on your site. If you’re a publisher or create content in the digital space, you probably know about RSS feeds. Today, RSS feeds are being used on virtually every platform and in every type of content, including blogs, videos, podcasts, and more. RSS feeds help online algorithms curate content and provide...

8 Ways to Optimize Your Video Ad Inventory for Media Buyers
January 18, 2023

If you are a digital publisher, you need to optimize your video ad inventory for media buyers... If you are a digital publisher who produces content, it’s important that you know how to create the best possible environment that will appeal to a maximum amount of media buyers. This includes fully optimizing your video ad inventory. There are two significant parts of this video inventory...

Can Video Complement Display Advertising?
January 10, 2023

How does video complement display? Real success in digital advertising lies in ensuring that adverts don’t intrude on a user’s browsing experience... The internet is a noisy place, and there’s no denying it. Last year alone, $521 billion was spent on digital advertising worldwide, which equates to a whole lot of messages vying for attention in a very crowded marketplace. Most users understand that ads are a necessity for publishers or website...

Predictions: What is the Future of Programmatic Advertising?
December 22, 2022

Read 2023 predictions about programmatic advertising from today's ad tech industry thought leaders. Over the years, we've seen the advertising industry evolve. And with factors like new technologies, partnerships, recommended guidelines, and privacy compliance issues, it often feels like our industry is changing every day.

How a Leading Sports Publisher Generated More Than $1M with EX.CO
November 30, 2022

Learn how EX.CO recently helped a large sports publisher generate more than $1M in revenue, more engagement, and 2x more video views. According to conservative estimates, more than half of adult Americans consider themselves sports fans, with 52% of fans following the NFL, 42% following the NBA, and 31% following the MLB.

What is Supply Path Optimization?
November 22, 2022

Learn about supply path optimization (SPO) and why it matters in the ad tech industry. Every few years, a new bit of jargon becomes inescapable in ad tech. Most of the time, the buzz-phrase quietly fades away. Sometimes, though, the term not only sticks around—it actually changes the fundamentals of the entire industry.

Meet the EX.CO Intern: Elizabeth Aminoff
November 01, 2022

Meet our Marketing intern, Elizabeth Aminoff, who shares her experience about working at EX.CO. One of the most important experiences every student of life can have is an internship. We all know that breaking into the workforce can be challenging, as college degrees can only get a person so far in today’s world. Internships allow students to gain real-life exposure and hands-on knowledge for...

How BoardingArea Earned 27% More Global Revenue with EX.CO
October 26, 2022

Learn how EX.CO recently helped a network of travel sites drive revenue, pageviews, and time on site through RSS feeds and premium demand. As we all know, the pandemic hit the travel industry hard. Publishers that relied on the travel industry lost revenue also because consumers simply lost interest in websites that showcased travel content.

How To Add Publisher Demand To Your EX.CO Account
October 11, 2022

In this blog post, publishers can learn how to add their own demand sources to the EX.CO platform in minutes and start generating more revenue today. Publishers running their own video demand is mandatory to achieve maximum video RPMs. This is because advertisers often prefer buying a publisher's inventory directly through an exchange, instead of through a reseller. Any publisher who owns a website domain is considered “Direct.” Any third-party...

Everything You Need To Know About Auction Dynamics
October 07, 2022

The price a company determines that it has to pay when ad impressions are sold are all part of auction dynamics. Find out more in this complete guide. Understanding programmatic auction dynamics can be a bit confusing, especially if you are new to the video advertising industry. However, understanding them is essential if you want to make your campaign successful while increasing your revenue. If you feel overwhelmed with the complex explanations...

How a Leading Financial News Publisher Generated 87% More Revenue with EX.CO
September 13, 2022

Learn how EX.CO recently helped a leading financial news publisher drive revenue, educate consumers about financial literacy, and improve UX. Financial literacy is getting all the limelight right now, and rightfully so. There are several financial information websites and financial news publishers on the internet vying for consumer attention by providing valuable content. EX.CO had the pleasure of helping one such leading financial news...

Why Does Audience Segmentation Matter (for Publishers)?
September 06, 2022

How can publishers get started with segmenting audiences? Why is audience segmentation so important, and what are the benefits from doing it? EX.CO's GM, EMEA Marc Thomas explores all the answers and more. The battle for consumer attention is fiercer than ever.

Busting the Biggest Ad Viewability Myths for Publishers
August 29, 2022

Ad viewability can lead to billions of wasted dollars if not high enough or measured. Let's look at the top myths about viewability and break them down. Truth be told, the concept of ad viewability (and how to increase it) has been a hot topic across the advertising industry for quite some time. The metric, which refers to how visible ads on a website or mobile app are to users, can lead to billions of ad dollars wasted if not high enough or...

The Power of Recirculation for Publishers
August 24, 2022

A good recirculation strategy can be the best investment you make. Give your readers a reason to stick around, and you could earn their trust and loyalty. Losing readers after one page? It really hurts.

What is Contextual Advertising and Why Does It Matter?
August 11, 2022

Learn about contextual advertising, how it differs from behavioral advertising, why contextual is beneficial, and more in this blog post. If you own a website or work in media, chances are you’ve heard the term “contextual advertising” but you may not understand exactly what it is, how it works, or why it should matter to your business.

These E-Commerce Web Templates Actually Convert
August 01, 2022

Not selling enough inventory? Find out how to drive sales on your e-commerce site by listening to what your customers actually want. Not selling enough inventory? You’re not alone.

What Publishers Need To Know About Video Monetization
July 26, 2022

For video, publishers must learn how to grow subscriptions, be less intrusive and focus on viewability. Read about these priorities for digital publishers. It’s no secret that online video advertising provides a massive revenue opportunity for publishers. Last year alone, digital video advertising spend reached over $55 billion dollars, increasing from $41.44 billion in 2020. As this number continues to rise, building out your website’s video...

What is Zero-Party Data?
July 12, 2022

Learn the differences between zero-party data and first-party data, why zero-party data is so important, and how e-commerce companies can collect it. Do you have a corner market that you go to every day? Does the owner of that market know, because you’ve been going there for weeks/months/years, that your dog’s name is Hobo, that your favorite color is green, that you want to buy a candy bar but are on a diet and that you are going to buy a...

Advantages of Interactive Experiences for Customer Education
June 27, 2022

This article explains why customer education needs to be at the forefront of any brand's online activity and how to easily create interactive experiences. “What goes into making this personal care product?”

3 Reasons Why You Should Add Personalized Content to Your Website
June 22, 2022

Learn why adding personalized content to your website can dramatically increase the amount of time users spend on your site and ultimately drive sales. As a consumer, what catches your attention and keeps you scrolling on a website for longer? Is it personalized content and product recommendations that hit exactly what you’re looking for? Or maybe a personalized experience on-site that mimics the in-person sales interaction you’d have at a...

The Science Behind a Sustainable Video Strategy: Your Winning Formula to Revenue
June 17, 2022

Following EX.CO's Admonsters Ops Panel, we're giving you the inside scoop on how to create a sustainable video strategy for revenue growth and engagement. Gone are the days of glitchy video ads and pop-ups that slow down websites. We are now in a new era of video advertising in which publishers can finally return to the driver’s seat and take back control of their video strategies. Following EX.CO’s recent Admonsters panel with NASDAQ, Trusted Media...

How To Increase Average Order Value and Why It Matters
June 14, 2022

This article takes a deep dive into what Average Order Value (AOV) means for e-commerce businesses and why it's so important. Imagine you’re at your favorite store. Let’s say it’s a pet store. Your beloved dog is out of dog food. So, on your lunch break, you’ve run over to pick up that specialty brand the store carries. You walk in and make a beeline for the dog food aisle. On your way, an elaborately fun display of...

Make or Break Your Video Strategy: How To Increase Viewability on Your Site
June 07, 2022

Learn how to create a successful video strategy that brings in the revenue you want to see, while maintaining a positive experience for your reader.

3 Ways To Turn Passive Users into Active Participants
May 25, 2022

Meeting the Future: How publishers can continue to build healthy audience habits that turn passive users into active participants. With media and technology trends endlessly evolving, publishers are met with many considerations when it comes to maintaining revenue growth and audience relationships. Following the release of the Association of Online Publishers (AOP)’s report, “Meeting the Future,” EX.CO met with leading...

How to Make Your Blog Post Content More Engaging
May 12, 2022

Learn how to take your content marketing efforts to the next level with unique, interactive content for your blog. So, you’ve written a blog post. Will anyone read it? I know. That’s the million dollar question! You umm and ahh for hours over the content, the style, and the keywords. You put in the research, you unleash your best ideas, and then…. The wait. The uncertainty. Will this be the post that goes...

5 Ways To Prep Your Online Store For Success This Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Graduation Season
April 26, 2022

Learn top ways to prepare your e-commerce store for success during the upcoming gift-giving holidays: Mother's Day, Father's Day & graduation season. Although pandemic restrictions have eased in many parts of the world, most consumers are still making online purchases, as COVID-19 reshaped buying behavior permanently. In fact, eMarketer predicts that worldwide e-commerce sales will surpass $7 trillion by 2025, and according to a March 2022...

How To Attract (and Convert) More E-Commerce Leads
April 19, 2022

Here are a few ways to appeal to your target audience and connect with each of your website visitors at every stage of the customer journey. Heading towards a post-pandemic future that will likely be shaped by things like NFTs and the metaverse, e-commerce is more prevalent and crucial to businesses than ever before. Regardless of whether or not you’re a brand, an Etsy shop owner, a Shopify business, or anyone in between, generating...

EX.CO Acquires Machine-Learning Company Bibblio
April 12, 2022

EX.CO has completed the acquisition of Bibblio, a machine-learning technology company with AI-driven recommendation capabilities. We are thrilled to share that EX.CO has completed the acquisition of Bibblio, a machine-learning technology company with AI-driven recommendation capabilities.

How To Ensure More of Your Video Ads Get Seen
March 23, 2022

EX.CO offers native sticky video players that are optimized for digital environments to avoid slowing down your site while promoting a positive UX.

Honoring Female Voices in Digital: Women's History Month
March 22, 2022

EX.CO celebrates incredible women who serve as driving forces at their respective companies. See our insightful interview with inspiring business women. Here at EX.CO, we are fortunate to not only have amazing females as colleagues but to also work day-to-day with many female leaders throughout the digital ecosystem. In celebration of the incredible women who are serving as driving forces at their respective companies, and as EX.CO continues to...

Meet the EX.CO Expert: Li-Or Ben Harosh
February 26, 2022

“Meet The EX.CO Expert”: Putting the spotlight various employees across our company. Meet Li-Or Ben Harosh, a member of our Media Operations Team. This month, we are introducing a new blog post series called “Meet The EX.CO Expert” to spotlight various employees across our company. Our first EX.CO expert is Li-Or Ben Harosh, a member of our Media Operations Team. Li-Or shares information with us about her role, advice for other women in tech,...

How Every Publisher Can Engage Audiences Around the Big Game (and Other Sporting Events)
February 09, 2022

See how you can engage readers and become a part of their Superbowl Sunday with EX.CO's tips for publishers looking to win their audience's attention. Soon enough, the American football season will culminate in the much anticipated showdown between the .

5 Ways To Increase E-Commerce Revenue This Valentine’s Day
January 31, 2022

For e-commerce marketers, there’s no shortage of ways to spark engagement and increase sales this holiday season. A few ideas to help you get started. Ever since Buzzfeed launched its viral branded quizzes, marketers have been looking for ways to reimagine their seasonal marketing. Major holidays remain one of the few go-to opportunities for breaking through the cultural noise. And despite the slow, cautious start to 2022 (thanks, Omicron), this...

Predictions: Web Design Trends We’ll Be Seeing in 2022
January 12, 2022

Interactive content, editorial formats, and online communities creation are 2022 web trends we'll see this year. In today's digital age, it's more important than ever before to stay up with the latest trends. Last year, we saw many brands and businesses discovering ways to connect better with their audiences through interactive content, more digestible editorial formats, and the creation of online...

Publishers Keep Calm and Start Collecting – Learn How VICE, Criteo and PubMatic Are Taking On First-Party Data Collection
September 21, 2021

Missed last week’s EX.CO-hosted webinar on all things data? Here are 5 tips for publishers from our panel, including experts from VICE, PubMatic and Criteo.

5 Tips on How to get 2023 Data Ready
August 31, 2021

Missed the AdMonsters Publisher Forum? Check out this blog post for the key takeaways which include top tips for first-party data collection and more.

The data opportunity: an eBook to help publishers through a seismic industry shift- with exclusive input from VICE
July 08, 2021

Learn how publishers can win with the rise of first party data & demise of third party cookies-- with actionable tips & exclusive advice from EX.CO & VICE.

EX.CO Acquires Video Technology Company Cedato
April 22, 2021

Cedato will become part of EX.CO’s interactive platform, providing publishers & businesses AI tech, yield optimization, and improved page performance.

Nervous to say goodbye to Third party cookies? Rest easy. Here’s how to fill the data gap.
April 13, 2021

With the demise of third party cookies looming, publishers are focusing on new, more effective data collection strategies. Which is right for you?

Engaging Video On Every Page With EX.CO’s Solutions
January 14, 2021

Meet EX.CO's instream video and mobile-first monetizable content solution that interacts with and engages audiences across your website.

How Publishers Can Prioritize Monetization Without Compromising on UX
July 29, 2020

Learn the key things every publisher needs to know about video advertising that could help you maximize revenue and improve UX.

Content That Promotes Positive Change
July 02, 2020

Digital content is powerful. Here are 5 ways you can create visual content to promote social change.

Here’s What You Need To Know About EX.CO Video Solutions
June 09, 2020

Reach revenue goals by plugging your video or editorial content into EX.CO's industry leading video monetization player.

EX.CO Joins IRIS.TV’s Contextual Video Marketplace
May 05, 2020

Improve your brand engagement strategy and increase customer engagement with brand suitable ads.

What content marketers should do to thrive after the third-party cookie
May 05, 2020

The end of the third-party cookies doesn't mean the end of data-informed marketing strategies. Here are some unique ways to find meaningful data.

Keep your website current with interactive content
April 04, 2020

Repurpose old content by turning it into interactive content. Re-up important posts by turning them into measurable, engaging content experiences.

How this CPG retailer earned 1055x their CTR benchmark with EX.CO
March 18, 2020

A leading, global CPG company found success with data collection, segmentation and conversions using EX.CO's interactive content platform.

How a major haircare brand drove 253% brand uplift with interactive content
March 05, 2020

Drive brand uplift with interactive content. Learn how this brand used interactive content to promote its products to the right people at the right time.

Interactive Content and the Future of Live TV
February 20, 2020

In a world of swipes, clicks, flips, and engaging content, your target audience doesn't want just to watch. They want to experience.

It’s time to address some misconceptions about video
February 13, 2020

As the digital publishing industry continues to evolve, the rulebook changes. Here are 4 misconceptions about video that publishers need to abandon.

Long Form Isn't Dead: Here's Why
February 06, 2020

Today’s consumer consumption habits must shape tomorrow’s long-form content. How journalists can use interactive content to promote audience interaction.

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